Nissan Pulsar GTI-R RARE

20,000 CR

Car List: Road Racing
Tuner Code (In Game)
Speed 6.3
Handling 5.2
Acceleration 8.6
Launch 9.5
Braking 4
Total Cost 54,650 CR
B 700

Build & Tune Parts Cost: 34,650 CR

Build Link
Engine Swap: 3.2L I6
Drivetrain Swap: Stock
Aero & Appearance
Front Bumper: Stock
Rear Wing: Stock
Tires & Rims
Tire Pressure Front: 22 PSI Rear: 22 PSI
Rear Tire Width: 245 MM
Rim Style: Stock
Tire Compound: Drag Tire
Clutch: Stock
Transmission: Stock
Driveline: Street
Differential: Race Front Acceleration: 69% Front Deceleration: 0% Rear Acceleration: 100% Rear Deceleration: 10% Center: 75%
Platform & Handling
Brakes: Stock
Springs & Dampers: Stock
Front Anti-Roll Bars: Race Stiffness: 7
Weight Reduction: Race
Rear Anti-Roll Bars: Race Stiffness: 65
Chassis Reinforcement: Stock
Intake: Stock
Fuel System: Stock
Ignition: Sport
Exhaust: Race
Pistons: Stock
Valves: Stock
Displacement: Stock
Camshaft: Stock
Single Turbo: Stock
Intercooler: Stock
Oil / Cooling: Stock
Flywheel: Stock


Great acceleration and grip, fastest overall AWD. Credits to Sepi. Follow him on YouTube at