Ferrari F40 Competizione LEGENDARY

2,000,000 CR

Car List: Road Racing
Tuner Code (In Game)
Speed 9.6
Handling 10
Acceleration 10
Launch 10
Braking 10
Total Cost 2,082,900 CR
S2 998

Build & Tune Parts Cost: 82,900 CR

Build Link
Engine Swap: Racing V12
Drivetrain Swap: AWD
Aspiration: Twin Turbo
Aero & Appearance
Front Bumper: Race Front Downforce: 309 LB
Rear Wing: Race Rear Downforce: 265 LB
Tires & Rims
Tire Pressure Front: 23 PSI Rear: 24.5 PSI
Rim Style: Stock
Rear Rim Size: 18 IN
Front Track Width: Upgraded 3
Rear Track Width: Upgraded 3
Tire Compound: Stock
Transmission: Race: 7 Speed Final Drive: 3.63 Ratio First Gear: 2.95 Ratio Second Gear: 2.18 Ratio Third Gear: 1.72 Ratio Fourth Gear: 1.4 Ratio Fifth Gear: 1.17 Ratio Sixth Gear: 1.01 Ratio Seventh Gear: 0.9 Ratio
Driveline: Stock
Differential: Race Front Acceleration: 90% Front Deceleration: 0% Rear Acceleration: 100% Rear Deceleration: 2% Center: 82%
Platform & Handling
Brakes: Race Braking Force Balance: 52% Braking Force Pressure: 100%
Springs & Dampers: Race Alignment: Front Camber: -2° Rear Camber: -1.5° Front Toe: 0° Rear Toe: 0° Front Caster Angle: 7° Springs: Front Springs: 5040 LB/IN Rear Springs: 10079.5 LB/IN Front Ride Height: 4.4 IN Rear Ride Height: 5 IN Damping: Front Rebound Stiffness: 16 Rear Rebound Stiffness: 20 Front Bump Stiffness: 4.2 Rear Bump Stiffness: 5
Front Anti-Roll Bars: Race Stiffness: 1
Rear Anti-Roll Bars: Race Stiffness: 65
Intake: Race
Intake Manifold: Stock
Fuel System: Stock
Ignition: Race
Valves: Stock
Displacement: Stock
Twin Turbo: Race
Intercooler: Stock
Oil / Cooling: Stock


This car can be acquired from a Barn Find. Best AWD for speed. Credits to Sepi. Follow him on YouTube at