Ford Escort RS Cosworth RARE

66,000 CR

Car List: Dirt Racing
Tuner Code (In Game)
Speed 5.9
Handling 5.4
Acceleration 8.6
Launch 5.3
Braking 4.4
Total Cost 133,950 CR
A 800

1992 Ford Escort Parts Cost: 67,950 CR

Build Link
Engine Swap: 6.2L V8
Drivetrain Swap: AWD
Aspiration: Centrifugal Supercharger
Aero & Appearance
Front Bumper: Forza Horizon 5 - Race Front Downforce: 280 LB
Rear Wing: Forza Horizon 5 - Race Rear Downforce: 174 LB
Rear Bumper: Stock
Side Skirts: Stock
Hood: Stock
Tires & Rims
Tire Pressure Front: 20.5 PSI Rear: 20.5 PSI
Rear Tire Width: 275 MM
Rear Rim Size: 18 IN
Front Track Width: Upgraded 3
Rear Track Width: Upgraded 3
Tire Compound: Offroad Race
Clutch: Stock
Transmission: Sport Final Drive: 2.7 Ratio
Driveline: Street
Differential: Race Front Acceleration: 50% Front Deceleration: 2% Rear Acceleration: 100% Rear Deceleration: 20% Center: 65%
Platform & Handling
Brakes: Stock
Springs & Dampers: Stock
Front Anti-Roll Bars: Race Stiffness: 10
Weight Reduction: Race
Rear Anti-Roll Bars: Race Stiffness: 30
Chassis Reinforcement: Stock
Intake: Stock
Fuel System: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Exhaust: Race
Pistons: Stock
Valves: Stock
Displacement: Stock
Camshaft: Stock
Single Turbo: Stock
Intercooler: Stock
Oil / Cooling: Stock
Flywheel: Stock
Centrifugal Supercharger: Race


Pick any + 9 KG / +20 LBS rim style option for better performance. Great grip on both road and dirt, especially at speed. Might need Rally Suspension for some tracks. Credits to Sepi. Follow him on YouTube at